Monday, September 8, 2008

Dyes, felting and a button bracelet.

I have been experimenting with dyes for various fibres. Here's what I did with food dyes and my own cross-bred wool. It worked well but of course was extremely bright. I mixed the purple myself and it ended up with a rather interesting mottled effect. If you want to give it a go just wet your wool, add it to diluted dye and zap in the microwave. I did mine for about 2 mins on 70 %, and repeated it 3 times. I also added a tablespoon of vinegar to fix the dye. I had a fun afternoon with my stepdaughter making felt with the dyed fibre.My tastes are much more in the rustic range of colours, so with the expert help of Jenny I chose some colours I could blend. These are the basic colours. I used them to dye some wool tops I had bought. Not so keen on the orange but I am assured it will be a good brightener when blending.
I love the red and green and had to just dive in and make something immediately so felt balls it was! These make great beads to be used on bracelets, key rings, bags etc. Speaking of bracelets I had so much fun creating this little beauty. I used vintage Mother of Pearl buttons and it just glistens. I have had so many comments on it when I wear it. These buttons are not so easy to find so I am on the search so I can make some to sell.


Anonymous said...

Nice work clever chook!!!! I would love to see the felting finished...what did it turn out like? Love the did good!!! Remember the width??? xxxRobby

Monica said...

Lol... I knew you'd find me! The felting was just for me and Mez to play with. Hers is going to be a cushion and mine has been turned into some little purses. Now, 6 1/2 inches wasn't it?