Saturday, January 3, 2009

Can't stop at one (or is that two?)

I have a confession. The elephant is still ear-less, tusk-less and totally unstuffed. You see I had to make another pair of the Ribby Slipper Socks. The last pair was too small and I really wanted a pair so I just had to make them. Someone with smaller feet than I will be receiving the first pair real soon. As with the earlier pair, mine were made from thrifted yarn. I used a speckly homespun which seems to have some mohair, wool and maybe even a touch of alpaca in it, and an acrylic/mohair blend. Please excuse the lily-white legs, not a huge fan of chemical or natural tanning! These fit me soooooo much better and are lovely and cosy. I tend to have chilly feet even when the rest of me is roasting so these will get a lot of wear. I promise I have the wool selected for the elephant tusks and they are absolutely the next thing on my list!

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