Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some frogging cheap yarn!

As I mentioned in my last post, not a whole lot of knitting has been done here. I have started knitting the patterned section on my Twilight socks and it's great- nice, simple, repetitive school holiday knitting.
I have done some un-knitting, or "frogging". I picked up a jumper from the op-shop the other day, and the Obama inauguration was the perfect time to dismantle it. By the end of 4 hours of presidential fanfare I had 530 grams of yarn. It's 50/50 cotton/ramie, perfect for dishcloths and string bags! I decided that it was too splitty to knit as it was, so I got busy with the spinning wheel and plied two strands together. It's probably about an 8-10 ply (DK-worsted), I haven't worked out the wraps per inch yet, and 150 metres per 100 grams. There's nearly 800 metres of yarn, that's a lot of dishcloths! I used some fabric dye to brighten up 200 grams of it, but I'll leave the rest white for now.

Considering cotton yarn costs at least $5 per 100grams, I have about $40 worth for $2 and an evenings work. Not bad!


Our really empty nest said...

wow, I just happened onto your blog and I sat drolling for several minutes. I dont knit, or crochet, but I so love the things that you do, you are a very talented lady! My daughter just flew the coop and is now living and working in SLC Utah at a ski resort. Another employee is majoring in yarn art in college, and has taught my daughter to knit, she loves it and has completed her first hat! I cant wait to see it, and I will tell her about your lovely blog! Sue

melissaknits said...

I love the color of your Twilights!