Monday, October 27, 2008

Dye, dye, dye!!!!

Can you tell I'm proud of my dyeing efforts?
This is the alpaca yarn after balling it on my new wool winder. I justified buying this extremely useful tool because I can use it to ball up the recycled yarn as well as my handspun yarn. I only have two bobbins for my upright wheel and can't get any more as it went out of production in the 70's and the Ashford ones don't fit. So winding the yarn straight off the bobbin onto the wool winder means I can ply from the balls. Any spinner will know what I mean, the rest of you can just nod! Anyway, it meant I got this really cool gadget!!!!
I knitted the yarn into a swatch to test for gauge and to see the effect.

Pretty cool hey?
My angora goat Billie and my big lamb Pearl were shorn last week, so I have even more lovely fibre to play with.
I washed some of Billie's fleece and it is soooo soft.Of course I had to dye a little bit just for fun.
I'll probably use these curls to jazz up my felting.

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