Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have made a sock! Yay for me!!!!! I feel soooooo clever. It was like magic watching it take shape. Now please keep in mind that the yarn for this project was gleaned from an op-shop and the resulting sock was therefore not something I could be too fussy about. The colours didn't go too badly together but the stripes are a bit too much like footy socks for my liking. I could have made smaller stripe but trying to use all those needles and follow the pattern was hard enough without changing colour too often!This is my darlin's foot, he graciously agreed to model the sock for me. It is too tight on him but just right on me, so I have cast on the stitches for sock number two. I will have to get it done soon because only one of my feet was warm in bed last night! Now that I know I can do it I have ordered some Opal self striping sock yarn. There are a few brands of this type of yarn, it forms a computer designed pattern as you knit.
Pretty cool hey?

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Rustic Tarts said...

Well done Mon!
Marion's mother used to knit us all socks with that self striped wool. She used to get it sent out from Germany but now it is easily accessible here.
You will be able to knit Christmas stockings for all in your family!