Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not just a knitting blog, I promise!

Not that there's anything wrong with that, there's heaps of great knitting blogs around. For me knitting is the latest in a long string of crafts I've done. I heard someone described as "tri-craftual" the other day. Isn't that a great term? Describes me to a T! Right now I am having a ball knitting (sorry for the bad pun), and I hope to learn a lot of new skills. But who knows where the joys of craft will lead me? So stay tuned, because I promise I am a fickle crafter and there will be something else soon. I found a great paper making book a little while ago and I have a mold and deckle partly made so some recycled paper could be next.

Today however the knitting bug is still biting hard so I took the plunge and I've started my first pair of socks.I approached this task with great trepidation. Double pointed needles (DPNs) freak me out and how on earth was I meant to use 5 at once? As usual I surfed the net and found some great advice. I am a very visual learner so came in handy. Here's some great videos on the whole sock-making process. Dorret also has a website with lots of tips and links and she explains everything so well. She only uses 4 DPNs but my pattern needed 5 so that's what I have. Wish me luck everyone! I'm going to need it because I only have small amounts of yarn so I am going to have to do stripes as well as learn all the techniques. If you don't hear from me for a while there's a good chance I'm tied up in yarn and impaled by knitting needles!

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KernowWitch said...

Good luck Mon. I am a knitter and made many an item but socks I've never tired, 2 pins are enough for me....but saying that I have some great patterns for socks so you never know....Hugs Chrissy x