Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yarn, glorious yarn..... and another washcloth!

Ok, I know we Aussies aren't used to calling it yarn, but it really is a better term for what we call wool. Cause it isn't all wool is it? Well this lot is, but there's so many fibres used in yarn these days it's a misnomer to call it wool.

I followed the directions in the tutorial I put up earlier to deconstruct an op-shop angora/wool blend jumper. I could not believe how much yarn it produced, I actually got 1213.9 yards (1110.0 m) of yarn!

It's incredibly soft and light, in fact there was so much angora fibre on me after this I had to shower afterwards. I would love to jump right in and dye it now, but I'm resisting the urge until I work out what to make with it. After listening to Brenda's podcast last night I'm a bit wary!

So while I'm deciding I worked up another little washcloth, this time it's Rodney the rooster from He's a bit hard to see but he's in there.

I have been using these little projects to hone my skills, Rodney has a back cross and front cross, and the daisy washcloth has a bobble. I am seriously considering giving socks a go next, but frankly, they scare me!

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