Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Look Mum, I can do it!!!

My Mum is a great knitter. She always made us jumpers when we were kids, and made my babies some lovely cardigans, hats and so on. When I had my first child she made a gorgeous shawl for him to be wrapped in. Now the strength in her hands is not so good, but she is working steadily away on an outfit for my brother's unborn baby. I have always been amazed by her knitting skills, and perhaps a bit daunted. Mum taught me the basics of knitting, but until now I have been distracted by so many other crafts. When I discovered Ravelry I was inspired to try some more advanced techniques. With Mum's over-the-phone encouragement and advice I attempted my first cables! Whilst I need loads of practice before I am worthy to carry Mum's knitting bag for her, I was pretty pleased with the result. A bit loose, but that would be easy fixed by using smaller needles. Mum was right, cables are not that hard, and they're fun! I turned the practice piece into a little bag.
I hit the op-shops in search of needles and came away with a huge stash. At $1 a pair they are heaps cheaper than new, and I got some great vintage anodised and plastic ones. Now I'm off to find a new pattern to practice those cables.......

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