Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to get more crafting time

Find a man like mine! Isn't he a sweetie?
He makes such a mess (note the flooded bench top) but I'm not complaining. The socks are finished!!!! My opal wool arrived today - hurray!- so I have cast on for another pair. My darlin' and I went to the Australian National Field Days yesterday and I bought some 70% alpaca 30% wool yarn to make more socks. I hand-dyed it today and will post the results when the skein is dry. I spent a little while at Kim's stand while she had a break, Kim does the most gorgeous machine quilting, and I spent the whole time she was gone drooling! Her website is under construction, but should be ready soon. I also went to see the Country Women's Association exhibition and chatted to a lovely lady about spinning. Bron talked me into joining the CWA -thanks Bron! I've been meaning to do it for ages.There wasn't much else for me to see at the field days, but I had to go to get my raffle tickets to win a pair of Alpacas. I enter every year but someone else always seems to win. Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day. I'll be back soon to show you my dyeing efforts, cross your fingers for me that I win those lovely alpacas, a girl can never have too much fibre!

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