Monday, November 17, 2008

I like Aeroplane Jelly, Aeroplane Jelly for me.....

I like Aeroplane Jelly,

Aeroplane Jelly for me.

I like it for dinner, I like it for tea,

A little each day is a good recipe!

The quality's high, as the name will imply,

It's made from pure fruit - one more good reason why

I like Aeroplane Jelly,

Aeroplane Jelly for me!

When the company first released the jingle for Aeroplane jelly in 1938 I wonder if they knew just how useful the product could be. Not only is it a favourite treat for young and old, it is also a great way to dye wool! I'm not usually a fan of these colours but even I can't resist their pure deliciousness.........

Here's how I dyed my wool. I did about 120 grams of each colour and I have 2 more colours of jelly to go. The kids are horrified that I would "waste" the jelly like this but I had so much fun!


Rustic Tarts said...

I hadn't heard about jelly crystals for dying wool - that is terrific.
Well done Mon.

Monica said...

It's amazing isn't it? I think I'll have to make something for Mez out of it, more her colours than mine!