Sunday, November 9, 2008

My fibre babies

I took some pics of my fibre babies today and just have to share them. I love them to bits! I have gushed about them on my other blog but this blog has been decidedly fur-baby free. Like any proud Mum, I can't miss an opportunity to show off my darlin's so I have justified this as a craft-related show and tell.
This is Pearl, who came to me on a stormy night after being rejected by her Mum. A friend was grazing his sheep on our land and my DH found her alone and very mournful two years ago. Pearl is a crossbred and is such a sweetie. She loves sleeping in her old packing crate!
Victor came to us around the same time. He is a Saanen goat and is not a fibre animal but is part of our little family so he gets a spot here too. Victor was one of 8 orphan goats hand reared until he was weaned by a lovely elderly man. We answered an advert in the local paper and brought him home.
Louie was found in the middle of a road at a few days old by DH. She was totally alone with no sheep for miles around. We surmised she had been left behind when a farmer moved his sheep and gladly took her home. She is a Merino and has the most plaintive call that we just can't resist.
Billie came to us via an ad on a simple living forum I'm part of. She is a couple of years old and is an escapee from an angora goat farm. She was running wild in a farmer's paddock when she was taken in by a kind family. When they could no longer keep her we adopted her and she has become a much loved part of our family.
Mannie is another little Merino who was found with the remains of his twin after a fox attack. His Mum didn't come forward when he has shown to the flock so he was given to us to hand raise. He is such a cuddler, and still has a bottle twice a day.

Now you can see why fibre arts have become a natural part of my life. With all these little darlin's what else is a girl to do?

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