Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A very official title indeed......

A wonderful tool for spinners is a drum carder. Problem is they are very expensive (about $500 AUD) which makes them beyond the reach of most of us. But I got one! No I have not suddenly changed tax brackets, I just got lucky. I phoned up the craft co-op in my little town to see if I could borrow one. "Sure," they said, "There's one in the cupboard that hasn't been used for years." So for $10 joining fee I have a drum carder. I asked when they needed it back and the lovely elderly lady winked at me and said "You are now the Official Caretaker of the Drum Carder." How good is that?
These beauties make processing fleece a dream. A few passes through and the fibres are tangle free and aligned in the same direction, ready for spinning. They produce lovely batts like this one.
Pearl's fleece looks good now! This huge batt only weighs 27 grams. I split it into four lengths and rolled them into donuts.
Then it was time to spin. I think I'm getting better, what do you reckon?

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