Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh no, faux fur!!!!!!

Yup, I caved in and started knitting the dreadful stuff. I have had this in my stash since the late nineties, it is hideous to knit and almost impossible to count the stitches. In my madness I once hoped to make myself a cardigan out of this, actually completing the back and one front piece. Finally I chucked it in a bag, which is where it stayed till my latest knitting resurgence and a stock take of my yarn. Being the naturally frugal and realistic person that I am I could neither throw the yarn away or believe that anyone else would want it. Then it hit me. Cats don't know much about fashion but they sure know about softness. So I'm making a cat mat! It's just plain old knit, on big needles with two strands of yarn at once. If I drop a stitch and can't find it, or make one accidently the cats don't care. Cinnamon has been product testing and can't understand my dislike for the darn stuff.... One enjoyable aspect of this project is that I get to use my funky vintage bag I picked up at the op-shop last week, isn't it cool?
Oh yeah, I've done a bit more spinning, this is some of the wool top I dyed a while back. It's a bit lumpy, the drum carder damaged the fibre a bit so I had lots of pilly bits, but it's lovely and soft. Here it is having a bath to set the twist.

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