Monday, December 15, 2008

An itty-bitty little shawl

Initially I started making this pattern as is. I wanted to have a go at making the triangular shape and doing yarn overs, and minus the fringe it was a good way of using all the skein of handspun. I didn't like it. It looked amateurish and didn't show the colours of the yarn very well. So, it got frogged. According to Theresa Vinson Stenersen on Knitty this is what frogging is:
Frogs say "rip it, rip it." And that's the reason knitters use the term "frogging" as they merrily unravel their hours worth of knitting. The true joyous nature of frogging is fulfilled when you can go wild while rippin' it. Just remove the needles and pull the yarn, winding it into hanks as you go.
I modified the pattern from garter stitch to stockinette and I'm much happier with the result. It's tiny I know, but it's a shawl nonetheless. I guess it would work as a headscarf, but I'm going with the shawl idea for now.I have a little bit of yarn left, so I might use my newly aquired icord making skills to create some ties for the shawl. Or maybe I won't, I may just add a button. Or not. Perhaps I'll just use a pin. Whatever I choose I'll need something to secure the shawl, it's too tiny to stay in place all by itself.
Yummmm, I'm lovin' these colours more now.......

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